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Rich format, to create urban complex

Date: 2013-06-13

June 5, 2013 afternoon, Chengdu Celebrity City Hotel Celebrity City Hotel group organization, Samsara Hotels Chengdu, Chengdu Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort, Xinjin Celebrity City Hotel Chengdu, Zigong Tanmulin Celebrity City Hotel and the Group's operating divisions in the senior managementpersonnel Samsara Hotels Chengdu convene the next phase of work conferences.Group chairman Tan Shousheng, vice president Hu Mingming, Zhou Qian attended meeting was chaired by the Group Chief General Manager Xu Binbing chair.

At the meeting, Mr Tan shared with the participants of the recent visits to the major cities and hotel experience, combined with the macro environment is proposed to break the tradition of Celebrity City Hotel pattern, the hotel industry through a rich morphology, creating complex urban consumption.He said that 30 years of reform and opening up, the hotel industry, according to international hotel standards and constantly improve the standard hotel room and board service mode, the product of high degree of homogeneity.After eighteen industry-run of the Great Depression, the industry competition will be more intense, but the country's high-star hotels have mushroomed still emerging.Before the crisis, whoever it is clear who is able to re-seize the new round of opportunities.Tan Chairman requested from the sale of the hotel rooms, dining upgrade level up, breaking a single product, a single format traditional business model, make full use of idle space and existing space hotel, there is a demand to increase customer projects rich format, organize customers to participateactivities to increase vitality, thereby creating a diversified consumer sites.

The meeting agenda is divided into two, general manager of the hotel room and the next phase of our operations center to report the work plan; President's Office work plan for the next phase of the request.After nearly 10 hours of discussion and brainstorming meeting clearly fighting plan for the next three months:

1, improve service quality: the more competition, the more we should strengthen the strength practice.According to the standard of each hotel star rating upgrade hardware, software, strengthen safety management, to provide guests a comfortable environment for consumers.Basis to ensure the quality of hotel services, while creating welcoming home complex.
2, leading the price regression: a few months before the hotel launched cheap drinks after the supermarket, reflecting good customer.In order to further the implementation of integrity prices, Tan Chairman asked each hotel room to adjust the price system, the price is low discount from the previous model is adjusted to low-cost high discount model, to give consumers a reasonable, good faith consumer space.
3, to create a one to one service member: BOSS Group will further deepen the butler service, and effectively for 20% with one focus BOSS BOSS butler service, allowing customers to effectively celebrities feel "you are our boss, we are your personalhousekeeper, Golden Key "distinguished service.
4, enhance product design Sales: Group meeting to increase the product design hotel, conference featuring celebrity integration services, such as expansion of sports, electronics APP journal, business meals to build and so on.The hotel also packs coupons to increase sales and promotion of electronic tickets, and develop a virtual supermarket, children's cards and other normal operating items.Depending on the season launch as Teacher Appreciation Banquet, Thanksgiving feast and other projects, and monthly planning various activities to enhance brand exposure and customer stickiness degrees.
5, increase brand promotion: To take advantage of the hotels sister hotel, the Gang point resources, cross-promotional information about each hotel; each hotel video data to the major sites, the Group's hotel business premises for each upload.Strengthen online self-service applications, the use of APP, the official website, micro-channel, microblogging and other publicity and promotion.While continuously strengthen corporate culture, to create celebrity homes, both customers home away from home, but also the celebrity colleagues home away from home.
6, strict financial management weight benefits: the hotels to strengthen financial management, increase revenue and create greater GOP.While frontline staff to improve service efficiency, backcourt staff management efficiency, business efficiency through management innovation.In the financial management process to strengthen disclosure and follow-up, with the data speak.
7, rich format to build urban complex: each hotel to strengthen customer needs and hardware research, the market demand and hot, rich hotel unused space, build urban complex, to better serve guests meals, lodging, travel and entertainment trainservices.The creation of innovative incentive mechanisms, with new projects and new activities linked to the benefits.Work together, listening to each celebrity voices, superior accomplishments Celebrity City Hotel Group.
Foot on the land is dry, it can print your footprints; riding in the dry land, look back, nothing, this opportunity is very important.Currently, the hotel industry into the winter, who do not know how long this winter will continue.But winter will be a different kind of winter scenery, such as watching ice, such as skiing, and more importantly, we need to know where to look fit ice, where for skiing.
Cold, you can warm embrace, the industry winter, will be able to work together to tackle tough.Standing on the perspective of multi-employed business owners, and fully mobilize the initiative, each bit harder today than yesterday, today than yesterday, more progressive each point in the most perfect track efforts to complete our work plan for the next three months.