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Group organized the first 53 Member Certification courses Wong Kim Butler

Date: 2013-04-26

Some people spirited strategizing, winning thousands of miles between the elastic conductor; sadly some people jittery, over time failure.We all look up to and worship those spirited success, but feel they have had extraordinary ability and unique charm:
1, the depth of insight into the ability of human nature.Well versed in human nature, there are degrees of advance and retreat, and acting freely, harmonious atmosphere to all kinds of pleasure, when appropriate praise when appropriate hidden when appropriate incentives, proper timing self-deprecating.There was a classic Western psychologist Sigmund Freud famously said: "Anyone can keep a secret of his heart, even if his mouth to remain silent, but his fingertips, but chatter, and even his every pore would betray him!"By analyzing the demeanor of people's inner emotions, personality, temperament and so on.View people in subtle, observing people in the invisible, from the physical characteristics, demeanor, dress, habits, emotional insight into the thinking and other aspects of the inner world of others, trying to decrypt their deep inner world and outer links between features andsummed up the nature of this association and the law, thus capturing the moment people see through the trick to easily discern the people, more chic walk in between heaven and earth wide.
2, the super ability to interpret the information.They are concerned about collecting all kinds of information, and this information can be highly refined and integration, mastery found in the fleeting opportunities.China's first batch of affluent people, is to have a high degree of interpretation of the information capabilities, Liu in 1978 through the People's Daily article about the cattle wealth, aware of the sensitive atmosphere changed, if not his ability to interpret the information super-, there is no association today; no Ma interpretation capabilities of the Internet information, there would be no today's Taobao, Alibaba ......
3, sharply almost equal to the essence of things capabilities.According to the phenomenon of things, the law, to identify the nature of things.No matter how many obstacles, how many excuses and reasons, always sharply saw the essence of things, although sometimes not see through the truth.
4, the binding energy surplus can be large and small will die alone will be the principle of ability.Together, we can win, but also large, on the contrary, alone, will be smaller, will die.Resource sharing complementary advantages, partners can win, this is not one of your strong and weak zero and the times, not a person's heroic era, this is a great resource for the integration of a large platform era."Matthew Effect" tells us that, regardless of any individual, group or region, once in a way to be successful, it will produce a build-up of advantages, there will be more opportunities to achieve greater success, but if clinging to thiswere successfully become the "independence", not the accumulation of advantage will eventually die.
Matsushita said the god: rain umbrella is operating, playing what kind of umbrella, how to play is decision making, who fight, fight posture whether the norms is the management.This is a simple umbrella theory, but profound reflect the business management of the road, while reflecting the management capacity of the BOSS above four requirements.No matter how they change the years, we have become 3.0 times the depth of the support of your partner will not change the essence of the ideal; we want to understand you, understand your interpretation through to create more for your products and services.We know that our customers win, employees win, society wins Celebrity City Hotel Group will win a win-win philosophy.We are with you, and strive to become the top with the ability to have this hotel group, is superior to accompany you better.