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Date: 2013-02-28

Annual annual feast, Celebrity City Hotel Group 16 on the hotel's top management team gathered in Xinjin, feel impassioned spirit and annual celebrity family reunion fun.Let us listen to their voices:
Celebrity City Hotel General Manager Sheng Wenying Xinjin: As the host of this Group annual reception for Xinjin shop team is a significant experience and life experiences.Xinjin shop, from August 1, 2012 officially joined the group, through the year will be more clear and Group business model, we hope that through the unremitting efforts of the team, in 2013 there is a new promotion, and completed in 2013 indicators.
Samsara Hotels Chengdu General Manager Li Niya: happy to give me as celebrity transformation stage, from the team collective strength to fight.2013, hoping to become the general manager of employees deserve to become a lady, ladies and gentlemen hotel guide service.Life-long learning, the Group continues to develop, we must run all the way.
Changchun Celebrity Hotel General Manager Wei Ping: Celebrity City Hotel as a feel very lucky to have bosses and Group President chamber leaders lead, there are so many staff support.2013, felt the pressure of business, but we will have to focus on the boss's customer care, we must focus on employee, must continue to learn for the Group in the North blooming magnificent splendor.
Celebrity City Hotel Celebrity Xinjin restaurants catering waiter Xia Ren: Hotel environment is good, you can learn a lot of things, although annual meeting sometimes tired, but happy, because I am in a warm family, everyone gives me strength, give me concern.
Chengdu Celebrity City Hotel housekeeper manager Bai Fuyong: annual meeting feeling very pragmatic and efficient.In 2013 the work to implement the steward of this pragmatic style in every detail, to fight again won the title of the hotel excellent department.
Samsara Hotels Chengdu HR Manager Feng Li, Li Ying, director of housekeeping: I hope that in 2013 his family good health, the completion of the annual target hotel.Human resources department in 2013 will strive to do the work of personnel planning.
Group vice president Yu Hai Zhong Information: Annual meeting for the first time try to use APP electronic journal, both convenient and environmentally friendly.2013, I hope to introduce more information technology, for the Group's divisions, each hotel good service.
Group Executive Manager Luo: 2013 wishes, good work, share those concerns for the leadership.
Chengdu Huashuiwan Celebrity Resorts celebrity would lobby Director Liu: joining a group organized fun games, strengthen exchanges, feel the team's strength.2013, hoping to complete work targets, marry off their own.
Yantai Celebrity Hotel General Manager Zhang Xun: the first time to participate in the Group annual meeting, feeling warm, happy, excited.Listen group leader's speech, feelings talent, feel the power of inspiration.
Group General Manager of Finance Department Ruan Xiaolan: the first stage performances, hoping to drive more people to join in group activities, but also want to subvert everyone's feelings on the financial people, financial people in addition to meticulous, more active and innovative power of collective intelligence.
Group celebrity would Vice President: The Group annual meeting, teamwork is to force.I hope next year will be the annual celebrity dinner time, personnel from the three tables into five tables.
Zhejiang Hotel Marketing Director Wang Baohua: 1999 joined the group, fell in love with a celebrity group.I hope to keep on learning, innovation, complete the annual budget, but also hope that group is getting better.
Zigong Tanmulin Celebrity City Hotel Manager: Group Annual Meeting atmosphere is good, strong sense of team.2013, the Salt Gang dish further flourish.
Hanchuanbihai Sky Hotel lobby celebrity celebrity would Manager: used in the annual action feel strength of the team, I hope 2013 can keep up with the pace of the Group, we are now the hotel is like the rising sun, full of hope.
Taishan Celebrity Hotel marketing director Bian Ling: In the annual meeting feeling pragmatic and efficient celebrity style, celebrity feel happy, feel the power of sail.Current environment is not very good, Hope Group, and the hotel can develop steadily.
Rongcheng Celebrity Hotel Catering Director Yuan Yanjun: to attend the annual meeting, just feel the gap with the group, hoping to run to catch up.The Fun Games, let us feel the power of positive physical and mental health team to healthy development.
Celebrity City Hotel Xiangyang, deputy lobby: In the celebrity very happy, longer go farther Hope Group, listed as soon as possible.
Xiangyang Celebrity Hotel Human Resources Manager Han Xue: work life are satisfied, very happy.2013, we will build a small but beautiful hotel is small but wonderful celebrity continuous efforts.
Group General Manager Huang Wangan catering: far from the first began to participate in the Fifth Annual Meeting, the annual deeply felt more open and more exciting, getting larger and larger development of the Group.2013, hoping to withstand large environmental impact, and create more outstanding celebrity dining.
Celebrity Hotel Qingdao Safety Manager Wang Wei: Today For Qingdao Celebrity Hotel and individuals are worthy of celebration.Just received information, Qingdao Branch Qingdao Free Trade Zone was awarded the advanced units, and I was awarded the advanced individuals.Very happy working in celebrity, hoping to do better security for customers, employees to create a safe and comfortable hotel environment.
Celebrity City International Club general manager Dan Blue Sword: This year attend annual meetings, there are too many sparks, especially the operational data of deep feelings.In 2013, the club of developed improved data management, adhering to change the pass, leading the team to work together before the trip.
Celebrity City Hotel Nanjing Engineering Manager Wei Zhenyu: Nanjing Branch Engineering Department staff received the honorary title of Group service star, was very pleased.Years will be very motivated, very pragmatic discussion topics at the venue, to this practical work as back to the hotel, back to the engineering department to carry forward the tradition
Celebrity united family, happy celebrity colleagues.They convey the pristine language of the hotel's love; their hotel, on the Group's expectations, they can feel a deep sense of affection for the Group.Tomorrow, celebrity brothers and sisters will have to embark on the journey home, a new round of fighting, the horn has sounded.Brothers and sisters, we meet again next year, until next year at this time, I believe that the Group has a new member, we have a new growth.Celebrity refueling.

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