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Fan Ruiping: The Thousand-year-old Xiangyang Reborn as an Intellectual City

Date: 2012-11-16

Planning and Design, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Communication University of China and so on to be the think tank for the planning of the “Four-oriented Xiangyang”. Now the project has been approved by the top experts in China. Centered on the planning of the “Four-oriented Xiangyang”, we have carried out the roadmap management method, which outlines the specific programs, projects and schedules so as to ensure orderly implementation of the planning.

In order to achieve leapfrog economic development, Xiangyang municipal government, which adheres to the market-oriented principle and properly exercises its regulation and control functions, has boldly reformed the system and mechanism of organizing economic work and developed innovative methods of allocating resources. In view of its resource advantages, geographic conditions, and development orientation, Xiangyang has established a “1+6” industrial system, which sets the automobile and auto parts industry as the leading industry and the modern equipment manufacturing, new-energy vehicle, new energy & new material, information technology, pharmaceutical chemicals and agricultural product processing industries as supporting industries. In the first half of 2012, except the relatively slow growth of the automobile industry due to macroeconomic factors, all the other six industries have achieved growth of over 27%. In particular, the new-energy vehicle industry, information technology industry and new energy & new material industry have experienced soaring development with a growth rate of 236%, 45.7% and 39.9% respectively.

Talents are the most dynamic factor in economic development. Fan Ruiping said that in order to achieve leapfrog economic development, Xiangyang government has jumped out of the box and carried out the Longzhong Talent Support Plan. This plan aims at introducing talents to Xiangyang in a nationwide or even worldwide scope. Xiangyang has signed agreements on introducing talents with China’s first-class universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc., established the industry-university-research collaboration platform and set up post-doctoral programs to attract talents from all over the world. Xiangyang city, the land where Zhuge Liang (the prime minister of the ancient Kingdom of Shu) decided to take office, has now becomes a genuinely intellectual city. Xiangyang, a city of vigor and intelligence, is rising in the Midwest of China.

(Source: gmw.cn & Guangming Daily)