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Xiangyang Airport will be Upgraded to 4D Standard Extension Project Starts Next January

Date: 2012-10-25

The extension project of Xiangyang Airport will be started in January 2013. Xiangyang Airport will be upgraded to 4D Airport reaching trunk line airport standard after reorganization and expansion. The guaranteed capacity of passenger throughput per year is 1.05 million person-times. This is learned by the reporter on October 24 from the first meeting of Xiangyang Airport extension project leading group. The city leaders Bie Bixiong and Yu Guoqi attended the meeting.

It is reported that after the reorganization and expansion, the airfield grade will be upgraded to 4D from 4C. The main expansion programs are that the runway will be extended northward by 200 meters to 2600 meters´╝îfive airport ground placement will be added. Also, a north vertical contact way and a new terminal building of 16000 square meters will be added, new navigational lights, navigation, fire control, security and communication engineering. The new construction of the ATC communications, navigation, meteorology and other auxiliary engineering, construction power supply, water supply and drainage, refrigeration and so on auxiliary production and living facilities will also be conducted during the same term. Total investment of the project is 745 million Yuan. Maximum type support capacity will be promoted to Boeing 767 wide-bodied airliner from the current Boeing 737-800 type.

The construction cycle of Xiangyang airport extension project is less than two years and to be completed and put into use by the end of 2014. The mayor Bie Bixiong requires that focusing on the target of first grade aviation port, related urban areas and departments should have highly integrated minds, undertake their own duties, offer a green channel for the project, and identify responsibility and division of labor, to finish their task according to the schedule.

(Source: Xiangyang Daily, Reporter: Liu Ming)